Goa Best Places

Top Places to Visit in Goa

Goa being one of the most rousing holiday destinations in India offers a groovy stay. From fashion streets to jaw-dropping monuments, beach shacks to nightlife, and temples to casinos; you take away a kaleidoscope of memories. If you think that there is hardly anything to relish other than pubs, beaches, jazzy clubs, and nightlife; then you are totally mistaken. Come out of the prototype thinking because this coastal state keeps a plethora of Best places in the kitty. Let’s have an overview of some unique and interesting Places to visit in Goa.

A trip to Goa guarantees fantastic moments that you carry in the memories forever. Experts say that it is impossible to get saturated with the place because there are so many things to do in Goa. Many people travel every year to get refreshed. Goa unfolds new and untold mysteries every time you visit. It is impossible to resist the warmth and affection of the tropical bliss. Here are some Best places that should be in the agenda when you jot down the travel plan.

A Walk in The Spice Plantation

Spice Plantation
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If you are also among the tourists who think that there is nothing in Goa other than beaches and booze, then it is the time to change the perception. Goa competes with Kerala for the production of spices. In fact, the best and the hottest pepper Peri Peri is from this tiny state. A visit to spice plantation, one of the Best places in Goa, is a great idea when you are in Goa.

Have a leisurely walk in the spice farm where you get the opportunity to see and taste a variety of spices.  The entire place is filled with the typical aroma of spices, and you can feel the freshness around. Elephant rides are also available if you are fond of this giant animal. You will be shown the place where the elephants are kept and nurtured. Feed the tiny ones and enjoy their activities in the water.  Apice plantation is amongst the memorable Places to visit in Goa.

You are served with exotic Goan dishes prepared using fresh spices from the garden. It is guaranteed that the taste will linger in the memories for pretty long. The plantation is part of the flora and fauna in Goa. Hence, you get a chance to see some rare species of local and migratory birds such as giant Malabar Hornbill. Goa is undisputed one of the Best places in India.

The place is not as famous as the beaches and rave parties in Goa, but those who love and admire the nature should not miss it. The spice plantation is indeed one of the Best places to in Goa.

Don’t Forget to Visit Basilica of Bom Jesus, The Architectural Masterpiece

Basilica of Bom Jesus Goa
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India offers a long list of architectural wonders that mesmerize tourists worldwide with their perfection and intricacy. When you are in Goa, there is a superb monument that has seen centuries but still stands with the same pride and glory.  Basilica of Bom Jesus is one of the UNESCO heritage sites is breathtakingly beautiful and captivating  to make it one of the Best places in Goa .

You get amazed with the simple yet beautiful Baroque architecture of this huge building which includes domes, nicely carved broad windows and realistic 3-dimensional Roman Style paintings. Most of the paintings depict the life and events of St Xavier, the patron saint of Goa. Beautiful wooden ceilings, ornamental screens called ‘reredos’, and fantastic courtyard make it a captivating building.  It is one of the most important  Goa places to visit.

There is an art gallery which contains paintings by Dom Martin, one of the renowned surrealist painters. It is a visual feast for those who relish and cherish art and painting. It is one of the most popular and Best places.

Mortal remains of St Francis Xavier are the prime attraction of this place and every year thousands of people from worldwide come to have a glimpse of it.  Holy relics of the saint are displayed to public every ten years on the death anniversary.

The church is open on all seven days in a week. Visiting hours are 9 Hrs to 1830 Hrs on weekdays and 1030 Hrs to 1830 Hrs on Sunday. When you are in Goa, a visit to Basilica of Bom Jesus has to be among the top priority items.

Wildlife Lovers Get Zapped with The Vivid Diversity of Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary

Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary
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Though you can see a lot of bird species in Goa, it is a great experience to watch a long list of birds and animals in Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary. Since it is located in the famous Western Ghats, you can imagine the phenomenal weather and natural beauty of this place. Experts say that bird lovers fall in love with it, and another visit is already on the cards when they depart from here. Yes, the fascinating beauty and jaw-dropping diversity of the tourist places in Goa amaze you.

The core area of Mollen National Park was declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1969, and there has been a tremendous ecological improvement thereafter. You have thousands of bird species, and some of them are rarest of the rare. The thick, evergreen forest offers the Best places to shelter for several migratory birds that come every year.

Many people prefer to stay there in specially made camps with five-star facilities. These guided tours offer morning and night trails where they are accompanied by expert birdwatchers. However, it is possible to have a morning-to-evening tour if you don’t want to stay there.  The list of birds is pretty long, and it is an overwhelming experience to see them in their natural habitat. The purity of this sanctuary makes it among the Best places in the wildlife map of India.

Enjoy the Dolphin Spotting Cruise in Goa

Dolphin Spotting Goa
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Dolphin, the second most intelligent creature has always fascinated humans. You will be astonished to know that there is a chance of witnessing this wonderful animal in action when you are on the Goa trip. Goa Cruise has become one of the favorite excursions recently. Medium sized motorboats take you deep into the sea where you can see them diving and swim gracefully in the crystal-clear water. Some private boat trips take you pretty close to the dolphins so that you can watch them clearly.  Dolphins make a typical sound while diving which is clearly audible if there is no wind. The Goa Cruise tour ends on the Grand Island where you can enjoy some beach fun.

It is one of the best family tourist places in Goa where you can have fun and frolic for the whole day. The tour starts in the morning and by the evening; you are back to the mainland Goa. If you haven’t experienced the fun of watching these graceful species in their natural habitat, then it is a ‘must see’ item in the itinerary and among the Best places.

It is Time to Visit Mangueshi, The Prime Deity in Goa

Mangeshi Temple Goa
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If you are a religious person, then Goa offers a whole list of temples to visit. However, the temple of Mangueshi stands apart from others. It is called the prime deity in Goa which proudly stands for more than five centuries. Lord Mangesh is the incarnation of Lord Shiva, and the glorious idol makes it the Best places of religious importance.

Exquisitely elegant structure with several balustrades and domes make the structure elegant. There is a huge Deepstamnbh or “Tower of Lights” in the premises and also a prominent idol of a bull which is considered the vehicle of Lord Shiva.

You get impressed with the peaceful surroundings and serenity of the temple. It is maintained pretty well, and the premises are neat and clean. Though the temple is always crowded, it gets flooded with people during auspicious days such as Ram Navami, Mahashivratri, and Navratri.  The most glorious occasion is the one-week celebration in the month of Magha of Indian Calendar. It starts on the Full moon day (Magha Poornima) and ends on the Seventh day (Magha Saptami).  The temple is decorated with flowers and electric bulbs during these days. Special rituals and religious activities also take place. Thousands of people come during the week to get the blessings of Lord Manguesh.

The Kala Academy Goa- A Perfect Place for Those Who Love Art and Sculpture

The Kala Academy Goa
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Goa is a place with rich cultural heritage. It has been the melting pot of Hinduism, Christianity, and Portuguese influences over a period of five centuries. It is the best example of the unity in cultural diversity and ideological differences. The Kala Academy Goa is located in Panjim, the capital city. It is the apex body working for the development of fine arts, folk arts, literature, dance, music, and drama. It is indeed one of the Best places in Goa for art lovers.

Those who are keen to know about the fascinating world of arts should visit the place. The place is always buzzing with cultural activities, performing arts and exhibitions. Festivals, seminars, discussions, and workshops happen almost daily.

The place is a paradise for the people who have deep interests in arts and literature. You don’t find it crowded as not many people have literary orientations but it is definitely one of the Best places.

Jaw-Dropping Waterfalls

Dudhsagar Waterfall Goa
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Goa is located in the lap in the Western Ghats which are famous for sky-kissing hilltops and mind-boggling valleys. It is needless to say that you get a chance to witness some of the Best places  of scenic waterfalls. Other than much talked-about DoodhSagar Fall that gains tremendous glamor after blockbuster hit “Chennai Express”, you have a long array of falls in Goa.

Arvalem is one of the most spectacular falls in the region. It is a superb place to enjoy with friends, family or alone. Located at a stone-throwing distance from Bicholim, it is a seasonal fall. During the rainy season, thousands of people come to watch the mesmerizing beauty of this waterfall when it drops down from the height of 50 meters. Arvalem caves and Rudreshwar temples are two other attractions of it.

Backwaters in Goa are Equally Picturesque Like Kerala

Backwater Goa
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There has been a lot of noise about the beauty and serenity of the backwaters in Kerala, but the backwaters of Goa are not at all inferior to “the God’s Own Country”.  Plan a voyage to the backwaters of Chapora River in a superb houseboat and feel the rustic beauty of Goa from a unique perspective. Feel the fresh, cool breeze and watch fishermen catching fishes in the traditional style. Lush green surroundings and sky-kissing trees of coconut and palm trees hypnotize you. The scenic backwaters should be a mandatory item in the itinerary when you plan a fantastic vacation in Goa. Hire a boat that takes you in the morning and drops back on the mainland in the evening. Alternatively, you can opt to stay in the houseboat which is one of the best places to enjoy fabulous moments with the dear ones.

Goa houseboats are quite reasonably priced. Hence, you shouldn’t worry about the expenses. If you have visited Goa for more than once and want to explore something extraordinary other than beaches or rave parties, then try the Best places in the backwaters. It is guaranteed that the experience won’t be disappointing either.

Spare a Day for Panjim and You won’t be Disappointed, It is Guaranteed!

Paradise Inn Panjim
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If you think that there is no point in visiting Panjim because it is a typical capital city with hustles and bustles of any other big city, then don’t misunderstand it. It is said to be the most slipshod cities in the country. In spite of being the capital city, it hasn’t lost the charm of the colonial times. It is the perfect reflection of the cultural luminosity of Goa. The enormous influence of Portuguese can be still felt in the air. It is rated one of the Best places where you still have the feeling of colonial times.

When one wants to feel the crux of Portuguese architecture where huge mansions with terracotta tiles and balconies of wrought iron capture your attention, there is nothing comparable to Panjim. When solitude and peace of mind are intended, spending a day in the capital city is a must during the vacation.

The Church of Our Lady

The Church of Our Lady
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When you are in Goa, don’t forget to see the church built in the 16th century which is a masterpiece of architecture. Known as “Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church”, it was rebuilt from the foundation in 1619. Though the interiors and exteriors are relatively simple but it mesmerizes with the perfect symmetry and two flanking altars. Two statues of St Peter and St Paul stand gloriously on both sides. It is believed that it is the first church built in Goa.

So many people come daily to witness this marvel of architecture and admire the excellent architecture. Don’t forget to see it when you are in Goa because it is one of the Best places to see.

How can you forget Beaches?

So far we talked about the Best places that are less known. However, it is impossible to miss the wonderful beaches in Goa. In fact, Goa and beaches are synonyms. Whether you are looking for a silent, romantic place or a pulsating beach with a lot of fun and frolic; Goa has everything for everyone. Anjuna, Calangute, Baga and Dona Paola are of course the top-rated in the list.

Many beaches offer the chance of witnessing the amazing underwater world and coral reefs. Some are ideal for fishing. If you are a party animal, then a few beaches offer superb night parties, rave parties, and a lot of beach fun on the Best places at the seashore.

Goa looks pretty small geographically, but it is one of the most versatile places. No wonder, it is considered the paradise for tourists worldwide. The stunning mix makes it a mandatory name in the Best places in India.

Goa State Museum- A Place for Those Who Want to Explore The History

Goa State Museum
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Most of the people don’t even inquire about museums when they search for the top-rated places in Goa. The State Museum throws light on the phenomenal cultural heritage and history of Goa. The collection of artifacts in this museum is quite comprehensive. There are ancient relics, things from the medieval period, and several anthropological items.

The museum is indeed one of the overwhelming and Best places for the history lovers. Explore the past in an interesting and engaging manner when you are there. There are literally unlimited things to do in Goa.

When you think about the Best places for sensational holidays, think about Goa. A lot of beach fun, uncountable rave parties and astounding food mounted to the zenith; it is Goa. Exquisite holidays recharge you for the hustle and bustle of hectic modern life, and you don’t like to go back to the normal routine after a fun-filled break!