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Pick well-planned Goa packages from the menu for an awesome Goa trip

When people search comprehensive Goa Packages From Ahmedabad, they have a collage of fun-filled activities in mind. Pristine sun-kissed beaches, exciting water sports, elating cruises and historical monuments make it a perfect vacation whether you are there for honeymoon trip or family tour.  There are exclusive Goa Tour Packages From Ahmedabad for everyone.

At one side, the relics of Old Goa bring glimpses of glorious history and colonial pride, New Goa makes holidays colorful with beach parties and night outs on the other side.  Choose Goa hotel packages that are inexpensive and all-inclusive.

People say that Goa is a destination that is always on the cards once you experience the magic of it. It is the reason; some people visit Goa at the drop of a hat. If you ever wondered that why do people go there again and again, then scoot off once, and you will understand it well. The first trip to Goa is typical stereotyped where you pick Ahmedabad to Goa Tour Packages that bring an overview of everything. In the subsequent visits, Goa tourism packages reveal the untold mysteries that stun you.

In the small state of Goa which is always packed with tourists engaged in a wide spectrum of beachfront activities, is it possible to find a calm and quiet piece of land? Well, people will say a big NO if you have a superficial knowledge about the place.  However, Goa is an altogether different place indeed. Other than the standards options given in the menu card of Ahmedabad to Goa Tour Packages, there is the whole world of unexplored Goa.

Contrary to your assumption, the expansive seaside stretches in Goa offer a plethora of such destinations. Most of the good quality Goan resorts have private and personal beaches where you can spend blissful time. If you pick one of the Goa Packages From Ahmedabad, then it comes as part of the deal.

If you are an extravagant tourist with deep pockets, then choose Goa resort packages in expensive but fascinating Five-Star resorts scattered over small villages with the far-stretched land of sand, cute little beach shacks and very thin population around.  You have a great chance of saving a few bucks if you pick the right Goa hotel deals. What an ecstasy for solitude-seeking people!

Goa Packages From Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad To Goa Tour Packages (3 Nights  4 Days)

Make My Trip Yatra.com Go Ibibo
Price Rs.27,999/- P.P. Rs.16,499/- P.P. Rs.14,375/- P.P.
Transport By Flights By Flights Explore on your own
Hotels 5 Stars 3 Stars Deluxe
Sightseeing Explore on your own Explore on your own Explore on your own
Serving of Food Breakfast
Lunch or Dinner
Lunch or Dinner
Lunch or Dinner
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What to see in Goa?

Feel “susegad” (or Sosegado), an age-old Portuguese term for “being laidback or leisurely” when you are in Goa. There is something unusual in the air, water and surroundings of this place. Opulent, sand-racked beaches and incredibly beautiful surroundings make every bit of the stay memorable. Though there is not any set pattern of enjoying and admiring the bliss of Goa, you can include following things in the itinerary while deciding Goa Holiday Packages.

Activities for Day#1

Keep the first day of the tour reserved for Panjim, the state capital. Don’t waste your time in visiting malls and multiplexes; you find them everywhere. Get the real feel of it by riding on a scooter or motorbike. Yes, you get them on a hiring basis. Hire it, start it and head out to experience every aspect of it. Sometimes, bikes are included in the Goa tour packages price. Hence, check the details of the Ahmedabad To Goa Tour Packages beforehand.

From the Basilica of Bom Jesus (where you get a glimpse to the preserved mortal remains of St Francis Xavier) to St Cathedral (the largest cathedral in Asia), there are several buildings dotting the magnificent landscape of Old Goa.

Keep the evening hours free for a fabulous dinner cruise in the river Mandovi, and a few rolls of dice in the casinos (they are legal and valid only in Goa). It is a super-saver offer when the visit is included in Goa hotel deals. The majority of the Goa packages include it in the itinerary. However, you can get it included if it is not there.

Activities for Day#2

Fasten your seatbelts for some awesome adventure. Yes, the second day brings a sensational tour to Fort Aguda, the 17th-century fort where you find a marvelous lighthouse (perhaps the oldest in Asia) standing erect magnificently in the backdrop of the unending ocean. Spend a couple of hours in the refreshing surroundings and head out to the famous beach duo, Baga, and Calangute. They are the most visited (and must visit too) beaches because of a wide array of adventure water sports. From water skiing to water scooters and parasailing to air balloons; you have the whole spectrum of activities there. Does the Goa tour packages price paid by you cover adventure sports also? If yes, then it is a profitable deal for sure.

Once you finish the fun and frolic, try some stupendous platters and move to the next beach, the Miramar Beach. It is a perfect place to night out with some of the best cafes and restaurants at Dona Paula. All popular Goa packages include Miramar on the list. However, it is worth spending extra if it is not there.

If you don’t want to exert yourself, then be at the Baga Beach only. Goa Packages Ahmedabad bring several electrifying destinations for night outs.

Activities for Day#3

Did you have enough beaches yesterday? Hang on; Goa has a few more sensational beaches for you. The mind-boggling white sand Colva Beach is one of the most idyllic and happening itineraries in Goa packages. Pack your bags to head out for a prolific experience. With a profound collection of cafes, discotheques and tourist Goa cottages; Colva Beach offers sufficient chance to unwind whole day.  Grab a few mementos for your dear and near ones at reasonable prices.  It is sure that you have a plethora of memories and uncountable photographs to cherish forever. Goa Honeymoon Packages bring a chance to unwind in calm and discrete beaches where nobody is there to disturb. You can keep the whole day free just to linger on the beach.

What makes Goa the favorite place to chill out?

Goa is the perfect blend of fun and frolic, art and culture, food and music which make it the best place for a relaxing vacation when you pick Goa packages. You fall in love with the weather, temperament, and flavor of the beach bliss. Tourists from nooks and corners of the whole world come every year to feel the magic of it. People say that the next visit is already on the cards when one departs from Goa. What is the secret behind such mesmerism? Here are a few things that make it so special:

  • An extroverted strand of beaches: Though Goa is not a big state; it offers stunningly beautiful natural beauty and splendid beaches. They are quiet, pristine and reasonably well-maintained. Amazing water sports, exciting beach parties, and night life make it a wonderful place to linger on. Tourists from all over the world come to feel the warmth and versatility in the atmosphere by choosing suitable Goa Packages Ahmedabad.
  • Great culture and traditions: It is said that the discovery of India doesn’t get completes unless you visit Goa. Yes, it brings a unique mix of Hinduism, Christianity, and Portuguese culture. From the buildings to traditions and cuisine, you find the blend is seamless. The Goa packages chosen by you must cover the cultural aspect of Goa.
  • Profound colonial history: When you visit the old Goa, it is an amazing experience to feel the traces of the good old times. Not only huge churches and basilicas, but even common households also carry the fragrance of colonial Goa. Ahmedabad To Goa Tour Packages make you familiar with the diversity and richness of culture.
  • Mind-boggling development of tourist attractions: The government has been instrumental in leveraging the popularity and glamour of Goa by developing tourist facilities that are at par to the international standards. No wonder, there is a huge inflow of foreign tourists every year searching for economic Goa Tour Packages from Ahmedabad. The captivating beauty and charm of Goa enhance year after year with the development of tourist attractions.

Things you must include in a comprehensive Goa packages

Goa, the smallest state of India is the richest state as far as adventure and thrill are concerned. Yes, it is the jewel in the Western Ghats with a plethora of exciting and enthralling events apart from sun-kissed beaches and mind-boggling rave parties. Experts say that one shouldn’t miss a single chance of experiencing the vibrant life and culture in Goa. When you chalk out a plan, don’t forget to check the following things in the brochures of Goa Packages Ahmedabad.

Adventure water sports

Adventure Water Sport
Picture Courtesy:- www.dianliwenmi.com

With a long list of well-maintained tropical beaches, Goa boasts about the best beach side vacation opportunities in India. In spite of the heavy inflow of tourists, beaches in Goa are quite clean. They are also safe for adventurous activities. No wonder, you find them heaven for water sports. All varieties of sports such as speed boating, kayaking, jet skiing and parasailing are available there. You find huge crowds thronging for exciting water adventures during the peak tourist season in Goa.

Feel the flow of adrenaline reaching at the top as you splatter loads of waters from the corners of a speed boat. Roaring with a speed of 15 to 20 miles; the 150CC engine gives lifetime memories to the tourists. Negotiate for including it in the Goa Packages From Ahmedabad you look for.


Picture Courtesy:- www.travelguru.com

Wanna have a look of the beautiful Arabian Sea from a height? Yes, Goa has all varieties of kite surfing and paragliding on the cards. A large number of tourists come every year to feel the thrill. Though it is a short trip of 20 to 30 minutes, but the memories are everlasting. Tourists are trained by experienced pilots. If you want to preserve the memories in the digital form, then choose the option of videography. At a nominal charge, you can carry the memories to relish forever if at all it is not in the Goa packages booked by you.

Bumpy Ride

Bumpy Ride
Picture Courtesy:- tarkarliwaterworld.com

If you want to feel something incredibly exciting with the difficulty level zero, then just do not miss Bumpy Ride at the Baga Beach. It is a superb ride on a tugboat which is attached to another one which moves with great speed, creating shatters and splatters of water hitting the waves. The excitement reaches the rooftop as you go deep into the sea. The exhilarating experience is worth paying. No wonder, it is one of the most sought activities in Goa Packages From Ahmedabad.

Parasailing on Baga Beach

Parasailing On Baga Beach
Picture Courtesy:- travel-blog.waytoindia.com

Amongst popular water adventure sports, Parasailing is special and highly enjoyable. It is an unforgettable experience to watch pristine beaches and picturesque surroundings of Goa from the height of 300 feet. A parasail is tied to a speedboat with 300 feet strong rope. As the boat moves ahead in the water, you get uplift and experience a delightful flight. Many people opt out of it just because they find it a bit scary. However, it is not at all frightening but a delighting experience.

Snorkeling in Goa

Snorkeling in Goa
Picture Courtesy:- www.giligilifastboat.com

Though quite slowly, snorkeling gains a momentum in India nowadays.  When you deep dive into the sea to watch some of the most spectacular scenes, a whole new world gets unfolded. Witness some of the fascinating coral heads, fishes, and species of lobsters. Myriad depths of the ocean bring several memorable scenes for you.  It takes almost three to four hours to feel the thrill completely. Due to shallowness and clear water, Bogmalo beach brings fascinating views underwater.

The activity is medium to high in terms if difficulty. You need to be physically and mentally strong to carry it out. Pay close attention to the instructions during the training session. If it is on the itinerary of Goa packages picked by you, then check the experience of the operator. The activity is performed under the expert supervision, and sufficient care is taken for safety, one has to be aware of the inherent risks of underwater adventure.

Cruise or Houseboats

Cruise or Houseboats
Picture Courtesy:- www.panoramio.com

Yes, an exotic vacation is incomplete without romantic cruise. Being the most prolific holiday destination in India, Goa offers everything at the best. Quite obviously the cruise tour there is also amongst the best. Spend a quality time with family and friends in the backwaters of Goa. Nicely decorated houseboats bring a phenomenal time in the waters where you have loads of dance, fun, and food.

Spacious and well-equipped luxurious houseboats offer five-star facilities that make the voyage unbelievably enjoyable. The enthralling and fulfilling experience is one of the best in Goa. The place is blessed with unmatched beauty, and the scenic landscapes are the best in India. You see the extravagant beauty of Goa from the cruise and admire it.  Choose a sunset cruise to witness the sun setting in the backdrop of expansive Arabian Sea. Cool breeze, placid water and immensely enjoyable food and music; can there be anything more enjoyable than it?

Bird watching

Bird Watching
Picture Courtesy:- www.indianjourney.com

Does it sound weird? Goa and bird watching looks to be an unusual combination, but this wonderful place gives many such surprises to you. Because of superb tropical weather and fantastic geographic location, Goa is blessed with a wide variety of flora and fauna. Hence, not only ‘beach watchers’ but ‘bird watchers’ also have a gala time there.

Statistics says that more than 400 species of local and migratory birds can be seen in Goa. There is a chance to see some of the endangered and rare species also if you are lucky enough. Three belts of birding zone in Goa; the beaches, the midland and the forests of Sahyadri mountain range make it a perfect place for bird watching. Nowadays, several Goa packages cover this activity in the list of attractions.

Jungle safari and spice gardens

Jungle Safari and Spice Garden
Picture Courtesy:- www.cleartrip.com

Goa has been blessed with dense forests courtesy Sahyadri Mountain Range. No wonder, you have a fantastic chance to witness animals and plants. There are exciting and educating safari tours riding on elephants.  The wildlife sanctuary shelters a long array of species. Spice plantations of Goa produce huge quantities of spices for domestic and export markets. Don’t miss the opportunity of knowing the spices and their cultivation methods. Nowadays, it is a mandatory item in the list of Goa Tour Packages From Ahmedabad.

Are Goa tour packages extravagant?

Many people commit the mistake of being a headless chicken while choosing Ahmedabad To Goa Tour Packages. They rush to the tour operator and picks up the most expensive tour (which is elaborated as the most exciting tour by the tour operator) and get disappointed. Firstly, the tour comes out to be utterly disappointing and oddly expensive. Tour operators offer a wide range of Goa Packages From Ahmedabad for group tours, family trips, and Goa honeymoon packages to suit the widespread needs of tourists.

Whether you are a party animal who feels comfortable when there are many people around or a quiet, laid-back person who wants to unwind leisurely in the pristine surroundings; Goa is an equally blissful place for everyone. Seasoned travelers know that Goa is not that expensive once you know the tricks of searching reasonably priced accommodation and food joints while finalizing Goa Packages Ahmedabad.